Carpet flooring can really transform a room from ordinary into a focal point with color, style, and feel. On the other hand, wood flooring is without doubt the most popular choice when it comes to installing a new flooring option.


Image and the way that your business space presents itself is a huge element of branding.  

When a business renovates their space, they are saying "we're here to stay".  According to an article by Third Eyesight written by a consultant for businesses such as American Express and Saks Fifth Avenue, "Every company that renovates one or more stores figures on a minimum increase of 10% of sales with an anticipated and/or hoped for increase of 38% which seems to be the average increase after significant renovations."

Upholstery / Re-upholstery Service

One way to update your home is to change the look of your furniture, replacing worn or outdated fabrics and coordinating unmatched pieces for a cohesive look. This can involve adding slipcovers or reupholstering chairs and sofas.


Want a professional to take you from the beginning to the end of your design project?  Look no further.